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Camp Dutch Ovens are perfect for campground or backyard cooking

Why Camp Dutch Ovens?

You can cook almost anything

Camp Dutch ovens have been a staple of chuckwagon cooking for over a hundred years.  Cowboys and campers alike have cooked stews and soups, chili and cornbread, roasted vegetables and mac ‘n’ cheese, apple cobbler and chocolate cake.  All manner of appetizers, sides, entrees, and desserts can be cooked in a camp Dutch oven.  If you can cook it at home, you can cook it over the fire.


Camp Dutch ovens are one of the easiest ways to guarantee a properly cooked outdoor meal.  Cooking over coals allows for specific oven temperatures.  The cast iron prevents flareups or quick temperature fluctuations.  You can even cook over several hours with minimal effort.


Camp Dutch ovens are flexible.  You can cook right over the fire, you can cook in the coals, you can scoop some coals out and cook outside the fire, or you can use charcoal briquettes right on the dirt or concrete.  I know you’d rather cook over the campfire, but if you don’t have a firepit in your backyard, camp Dutch ovens can still cook your outdoor meal.

seasoned cast iron cleans up easily  

Our grandparents knew a thing or two about cooking, and one thing they got right was using seasoned cast iron.  Properly seasoned cast iron allows food to either wipe off or scrape off; there’s no need for soaking.  A quick scrub, dry, and a wipe with an oily paper towel and you’re ready for the next meal.